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Acorn squash salad

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Ingredients: acorn squash, arugula leaves, dried goji berries, pickled onion, maple vinaigrette.

This is the most impressive easiest side/salad to make for your next dinner party or lunch.

Half you acorn squash and take the seeds out. Season with salt pepper and roast face down on 400f (200c) for 30 minutes. Make sure the flesh is soft and take out. Let cool.

Scoop flesh out carefully (without damaging the peel) with a melon baller and put in a bowl. Add arugula, pickled onion, goji, and mix.

If you are ready to serve, you can add the vinaigrette and mix in the bowl before stuffing the squash peels. If you are prepping slightly ahead of time, you can move the mix into the shells and drizzle the vinaigrette on top later closer to serving time.

Please look for the pickled onion and maple vinaigrette in the condiments section. Those are great things to always have ready to use as they go along with many dishes and can really upgrade a simple salad.

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