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Avocado deviled eggs.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Ingredients: Avocado, eggs.

This simple breakfast gets a post because it was a genius solution while in an Airbnb on vacation with limited ingredients available, I am here to show you that traveling shouldn't stop you from living the healthy lifestyle you are used to at home, you can still make a pleasing meal with very few ingredients available to you.

We have landed in Israel the day before late in the afternoon. It took us about 3 hours to get to the apartment in the center of Tel Aviv. After getting all the luggage upstairs and checking out what's in the kitchen we immediately headed to the nearest convenience store to get water and other basic supplies.

My kid lives on fruits and veggies to we got what was available in the department, plus eggs and some nuts for snacking.

After a rough night of terrible sleep interrupted by jet lag, it was time to eat. As I absolutely can not stand the smell fried eggs and not a fan of the taste either (omelets are really not my thing!) I have a made a pot hard boiled eggs. I have also had some basic veggies on hand, but making a salad was not something I was to. Deviled eggs are pretty are pretty easy and provide you with the fat you need to feel full and have energy. So have used half an avocado for the two eggs (added some salt, pepper and olive oil) and sliced some cucumbers as a side.

This simple version of devilled eggs was as good as the fancy ones I make at home (there is a post later for sun dried tomatoes devilled eggs for example), and definitely a better option for breakfast then going out.

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