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BLT wraps with oven baked potato wedges.

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Ingredients: Sugar free bacon, greens, tomato, onion, mayo, paleo tortillas, potatoes.

The star of this show is the bacon. I have prepared mine a few days prior, by baking in the oven after adding some maple sugar. If you do not have any, use maple syrup. I like mixing it with some fresh ground pepper and garlic powder. Use a silicone/egg brush to evenly spread a thin layer of the mix on each bacon strip and bake at 400F (200C) until reaches your preferred level of crispiness. Store in a ziplock bag in your fridge until it's all gone :)

The other important ingredient here is my homemade mustard mayo. I will post the recipe for it separately, but I promise it's as easy to make as everything else here. I was intimidated by homemade mayo for a long time so I get your hesitation to try it, but there is an easy way to make it (and takes under 5 minutes), and it's going to taste better than anything you will find in a store.

If you don't have it on hand currently feel free to use store bought ot omit from the BLT. For the potatoes you can use your favorite Paleo Ketchup.

Since potatoes are a gray area in Paleo, feel free to substitute for sweet potatoes (or any other root vegetable you like - my favorite alternative option is parsnips, but turnips or rutabaga are great too, just cut to 1/2'' (1 cm) fries.

To make those potato wedges I keep the skin on. Scrub well with a brush, and cut in half lengthwise. Then cut each half to 3-5 wedges, depending on the size of your potato.

Move to a ziplock bag ot to a bowl and season with a little avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Shake the bag until all spices are evenly spread on the potatoes and move to a baking sheet. For best results spread in one layer. Bake on 400F (200c) until golden brown (about 30-45 minutes, depends how crispy you want them to be).

To put the wrap together line two bacon strips on a tortilla, add mayo, your greens of choice (here I used my favorite baby arugula, I really like that extra bitterness it adds to this combo), a couple of onion slices and very thinly cut tomato), wrap, and try to not to eat it before the potatoes are out!

If you have ripe avocado ready to eat, it will make and amazing add on to this wrap, cut a couple of thin slices and put on top of the bacon - this is a great combo.

Serve with mayo or your paleo ketchup and enjoy!

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