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Easiest mayo ever

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Ingredients: egg, lemon, vinegar (white wine/champagne), hot mustard, maple syrup, salt, pepper, garlic powder.

I know making mayo sounds complicated and intimidating, but I urge you to try this super easy way before giving up.

I was afraid to try making my own for years, but this turned out to be totally doable. For this recipe you'll need an immersion blender, also known as hand blender/mixer.

The rest is as easy as apple pie - simply dump all the ingredients into the container and turn on your blender. No separating the egg or slow pour of the oil needed.

One thing you do want to be mindful of is the oil you use. Most oils are not paleo so your choices are olive, avocado, and coconut (which will not work here).

Light olive oil is usually used for making mayo as it doesn't have a strong taste, however, I have not found one that I like yet. In case you haven't heard, most olive oils sold in US stores are not pure and failed a third party lab test. Most of them have sunflower or canola oils added to them. I stick with the one verified brand I have access to, but they do not make light, so I can't use it here.

The avocado oil usually has a strong taste too, but I have found this one brand that is tasteless and pretty popular in the paleo community here in the US. I try not to post brands of items I buy, but here I made an exception since it is crucial for the recipe.

You can find this big bottle of Chosen Foods avocado oil at Costco for less then $12 or at Trader Joe's (the small bottle was about $8).

Unlike most things I make the quantities here are very important, It took me several tries to perfect it. The result is perfect texture and pretty mild taste - nothing stands out yet combines deliciously. Start here and adjust to taste.

Here is to complete list of all ingredients and quantities.

Dump everything except the oil into the container, then put the blender in. Fill the container with oil, leaving some room at the top. I fill this container until the 3 cup (or 700ml) mark.

Turn on the blender on the highest speed, to achieve a firm texture. I once used it on 3 (out of 5) and the result was liquidy.

Since I know that it's hard to believe that making mayo is so easy I have made a video for you to see for yourself. It takes less than 5 minutes to turn the contents of this jar to perfect mayo. Good luck!

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