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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Ingredients: bone broth, shitakii mushrooms, ginger root (or spice), tumeric root (or spice) napa cabbage, baby broccoli, boneless short rib, scallions, egg

I have decided to see what the bone broth hype is all about and made a little from leftover chicken wings and one ribeye steak a few days ago. This was THE BEST thing I have ever had because it was delicious but mostly nutritious and very satisfying. I have decided to make a bigger batch and got some huge bones from a local farm. I stated to think of different ways to use it (to change it up and get my husband to have some too) and the ramen idea hit me. A quick Google research provided all the possible add ons and how to turn the broth into ramen liquid, all I had to do is substitute the no no ingredients for Paleo.

To make the broth more flavorful I cooked it with Shitakii mushrooms, 1 inch (2cm) piece of ginger root - slightly cut on all sides to let more liquid out (but feel free to use powder if you don't have any), and I large turmeric root - made some cuts in it as well. You need about 2 cups of broth per person.

While the mushrooms are cooking (you have about 30 minutes) cut the boneless short rib to very thin slices and marinade in coconut aminos with some ground ginger (powder will do if you don't have any). I had 5 slices per person,

Boil the eggs. You want them very soft on the inside, so 4 minutes after the water boils is all you need. I always add a tablespoon of salt to the water and crack the shell a bit to let the salty water in. I do that about two minutes after the water boiled. I also move them to iced water, this makes them very easy to peel.

Prep your other add ons - I cut cabbage, baby broccoli and scallions. The NoOodels (made out of yam) I used are precooked, They do benefit from soaking up the flavours of the dish you use them in, so I let them cook a couple of minutes in the broth before putting the bowls together.

Peel the eggs and have them ready, as the last few steps happen very fast.

When the mushrooms are cooked take out the the ginger and tumeric roots and discard. Add the noodles if you are using them, and cook for 2 minutes.

Set your bowls. In each bowl mix half a cup of coconut aminos and 1/4 teaspoon of white wine vinegar (these instead of soy sauce and mirin). Add 1/4 teaspoon of sesame oil. Mix and add 2 cups of broth with the mushrooms into each bowl.

Once the broth is in the dish add the noodles and the greens (everything but the scallions). While the greens soften pan sear the steak slices - on hot skillet up to 30 seconds on each side. While the meat is cooking cut the eggs in half, and add an egg to each bowl. Add the steak slices, top with scallions (and a dash of chilli if you like a little spice), serve and enjoy!

To make AIP compliant do not use sesame oil and egg! I made it without the sesame oil the first time and it was totally delicious!

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