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Smoked salmon breakfast sandwich

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Ingredients: Pancake mix, vegan cream cheese, smoked salmon, pickled onion, capers, your favorite veggies for a side.

I always have a Paleo pancake mix ready to use. My son is a big fan of pamcakes (we are still working on proper annunciation lol) and I am too, because that is the only healthy carb he is willing to consume.

Lox pancakes are one of his favorite (for breakfast, lunch or dinner), though he prefers no add ons.

When I make those for myself or for my husband though I add everything I listed above.

The vegan cream cheese took me a while to find, but now I know that Wholefoods carries two brands that are Paleo friendly - you are looking for cashew cream cheese (soy is not paleo, so most of the vegan cheeses on the shelf are a no no).

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