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Tuna salad

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Ingredients: can of tuna, celery, bell pepper, capers, red onion, mayo, hot mustard.

Tuna salad is a favorite in our house and I make it almost every week. As years went by and recipes turned healthier and healthier, this version is loaded with veggies and homemade mayo (recipe in the condiments section - it is easy to make, I swear).

I like to add juicy veggies so I typically use bell peppers and/or celery. The trick to not really feeling their taste (a lot of people refuse to even try and add celery because they "can't stand the taste of it") but still get the benefits and add freshness to an otherwise heavy salad, is to cut paper thin slices. Bell peppers are not my favorite raw veggie, but I can't imagine tuna (or chicken) salad without them - when cut thin they add sweetness and make the salad lighter.

For a salad, I never peel the celery and keep all the fiber on. The amount you want to use depends on you. I use a lot of veggies as hiding them is the only way my husband will consume them.

For a can of tuna I use one very big celery stick and a quarter of a big bell pepper, but you can totally double the amount of veggies here if you do not plan to serve it over green leaves but use in a wrap for example. First I cut long narrow strips and then make paper thin slices crosswise. I try to cut the onion small too, but this is less important here, so if you don't have patience definitely don't bother. Capers can go in chopped or whole on top if you gave them. If you don't have any - no worries - it will still be delicious. You can also try and add some finely chopped kalamata olives.

We love hot mustard in our house so I add one tablespoon in addition to one tablespoon of mayo.

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